oik-plugins.eu moving to oik-plugins.uk

According to my domain registrars, sometime in the future I may no longer be allowed to use the .eu TLD. I have therefore switched this WordPress MultiSite network from being oik-plugins.eu to oik-plugins.uk

oik-plugins.uk was originally parked on oik-plugins.com ( SiteGround ). After a very brief holiday on 34SP, I’ve updated the name servers to TSOhost, which is where this Multi Site network has been all along.

Normal service will resume once I’ve set up 301 redirects.

The oik-plugins.eu domain is being allowed to expire.

oik plugins

July 13, 2016

The following sites are now redirected to the most up to date versions on WP-a2z.org, and have therefore been deleted from oik-plugins.eu.

Original site redirects to
oik-plugins.eu/jetpack jetpack.wp-a2z.org
oik-plugins.eu/edd edd.wp-a2z.org
oik-plugins.eu/woocommerce woocommerce.wp-a2z.org
oik-plugins.eu/buddypress buddypress.wp-a2z.org
oik-plugins.eu/wordpress-seo-a2z wordpress-seo.wp-a2z.org

Note: Updated in Feb 2017. All sites now migrated to wp-a2z.