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Weight zone shipping for WooCommerce

oik-weight-zone-shipping v0.2.7 has been tested with WordPress 6.3 and WooCommerce 7.9.0

Introduced in August 2016 this plugin replaced oik-weightcountry-shipping for sites running WooCommerce 2.6 and above.

It’s now 7 years since the Weight Zone shipping plugin was first made available on

  • It’s still behind in terms of total downloads of the Weight Country shipping plugin.
  • But if we allow for the 30K start, we can see that the total downloads for Zone in the last 7 years is greater than the Country plugin.

oik squeeze page WordPress plugin v0.2.0227

Version 0.2.0227 of the oik-squeeze WordPress plugin is now installed and activated on

Use this plugin as part of your marketing.

Create your valuable content in an “Opted-In” page and only allow access to visitors who enter (and optionally confirm via double opt-in) their name and email address.

This plugin is different from others… visitors to your site do not become users. They become contacts.




oik version 2.0 alpha test

[bw_contact_form] – contact form shortcode

Use the [bw_contact_form] shortcode to display a contact form in any post, page, custom post type or widget to allow your visitor to contact your company, the post author or a selected user.

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bw_posts id= parameter

Testing the id= parameter in [bw_posts]

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custom.css: oik and JetPack

Both the oik base plugin and JetPack, as well as quite a few other plugins and themes, allow you to enter your own custom CSS – to provide styling to override your theme’s defaults or other plugin’s defaults.

oik’s custom CSS file is created in the active theme’s folder. If you have the authority to edit the theme then you can edit the custom CSS

JetPack provides its own CSS editor.



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Introducing the new bw_popup shortcode

The oik-plugin plugin introduces the [bw_popup] shortcode to display content at a later time.

Wait 10 seconds for a “You may also like” fancybox.

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nivo2011 theme now available
nivo2011 theme now available

screenshot for nivo2011 theme

The nivo2011 WordPress theme is now available from

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oik Weight/Country shipping – WooCommerce extension demo site

We’ve just created a new site to demonstrate the new logic in the oik-weightcountry-shipping plugin.

  • Shipping charges for zero weight carts.
  • Default shipping charges for unlisted countries.

read more now running WordPress 3.9 and oik v2.2

WordPress 3.9 was released on 16th April 2014 and oik v2.2 was released on 17th April 2014.

Both have been installed on this site. 

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Styling the read_more link for bw_pages

Here we attempt to style the read more link created using the M part of the format= parameter to the bw_pages shortcode. In this example we link back to ourselves. So you’ll see this text twice.

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[ bw_posts post_type=post]

[ bw_list post_type=post]

hover to slideToggle source