oik-external-link-warning v1.0.0-alpha.0503

oik-external-link-warning v1.0.0-alpha.0503 supports displaying a warning message when a visitor hovers over or clicks on a mailto: link.

Hover over the link to see the warning message.
Click on the link to see a popup message box.

The text of the warning message should be something like “Email communications are not secure” followed by further disclaimers that “for this reason your company cannot guanrantee the security of the email, its contents or that it remains virus free once sent.”

External link without a popup message

Here are two links to an external site ( oik-plugins.com ).
If you click on the first one you’ll not see the external link warning message.
If you click on the second one the external link warning will be displayed.

  1. httP://oik-plugins.com
  2. http://oik-plugins.com

The first one has a protocol which doesn’t exactly match those that are being checked
httP:// is neither http:// nor https://

Here are the same links which use link text rather than the URL.

  1. oik-plugins.com
  2. oik-plugins.com

Note: These links were created using the [bw_link] shortcode.

<li>[bw_link httP://oik-plugins.com text="oik-plugins.com"]</li>
<li>[bw_link http://oik-plugins.com text="oik-plugins.com"]</li>

messages on hover

oik-external-link-warning v0.04 includes an option to display a tooltip when the user hovers over a link which is either not detected as an external link but needs to be OR contains JavaScript that prevents the display of the JavaScript Alert box.

In order to activate this behaviour you complete the Hover selectors field.

Separate the selectors by commas.