WordCamp UK 2012 challenges

Here is a list of challenges that I hope to have solved with help from attendees at WordCamp UK 2012.

  1. Why does my TInyMCE editor wrap the lines too early. I can type as far as here —-> then the line wraps.
  2. Why is someone getting 404’s having deactivated my oik-privacy-policy plugin
  3. How do I get the scroll bar in the right place on the oik shortcodes TinyMCE/ quicktags dialog?
  4. Should I be using different code for the jQuery popup dialog anyway?
  5. Why do I get – already at the latest level – from my link to upgrade the oik plugin to 1.15 when oik-nivo-slider is at 1.5
  6. How many places am I using $post->guid when I shouldn’t be?
  7. How do I return jQuery to the popup dialog?
  8. Does anyone want to help me work on the backlog of plugins to scan for cookies?
  9. What’s the best way of setting up my own plugin repository?
  10. Need better defaults for my shortcodes that call get_posts