oik-batchmove now on WordPress.org


Version 1.0 of the oik-batchmove plugin is now available from WordPress.org

Use the oik-batchmove plugin to filter posts in a particular category and then apply mass  updates to selected posts.

Actions supported:

  • Update to selected category – Delete the currently filtered category and set a new Target Category for the selected posts
  • Add selected category – Adds the Target Category to the selected posts
  • Delete selected category – Deletes the currently filtered category from the selected posts
  • Republish – update the post date to the current time stamp.
  • Republish – alter the post date by adding or subtracting defined amounts
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oik batchmove
This plugin enables you to filter posts in a particular category and then apply mass updates to selected posts.
April 1, 2024
Over 80 advanced, powerful shortcodes, and 9 blocks for displaying the content of your WordPress website.
July 4, 2024