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About oik plugins

vsgloik is the developer of the oik suite of plugins. There are now over 50 plugins to choose from supporting small to medium businesses, web designers and web developers.

oik blogger redirect – change the template

Steps to create the 301 redirection for oik-blogger-redirect
  1. Visit your blogger site on and Sign In
  2. If  necessary click on Design to go to the Template
  3. OR, from the blogger home page, choose the required blog and click on Template
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on Revert to the classic template
  5. Select ALL of the current template (Ctrl+A) and delete it (Del)
  6. Copy and paste the HTML code from oik  options > blogger redirect 
  7. Click on Save  template
  8. Click on the View blog link
  9. You should be automatically redirected to the new website